Need a Break?

Onsite Amenities

With amenities built right into Factory Square, your employees have access to a full-service restaurant, juice bar and specialty coffee shop, just a few feet from their desks.

Join us for Food Truck Wednesdays - Starting May 23, 2018, and every Wednesday following, there will be a Food Truck parked in the front parking lot of 451 Phillip Street between from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm! Come and check out the latest and greatest cuisine from Waterloo’s popular food scene!

Matter of Taste Coffee Bar

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee to awaken the senses. Visit Matter of Taste just a short walk down the hallway, where baristas weigh and grind beans, steam milk and expertly craft the perfect cup of coffee, made just for you.

Open now

Matter of Taste

PURE Juice Bar + Kitchen

How about a delicious drink to boost your energy? PURE Juice Bar + Kitchen provides freshly made drinks, with real ingredients to satisfy health-conscience workers. It’s like fuel for your mind and body, to help you make it through long workdays, feeling great.

Opening Spring 2018

PURE Juice Bar + Kitchen

Open Air, Interior Courtyard

We wanted to improve the modern workplace – so we punched a hole in it. Literally. Our 15,000 square foot open-air, interior courtyard offers employees natural light, fresh air and comfortable seating, all without leaving the office.

ION LRT, linking you to the Region

With the Research & Technology Park LRT stop steps from the main doors, Factory Square is the ultimate transit-oriented workplace. Just 9 minutes from Uptown Waterloo and 16 minutes from Downtown Kitchener – employees can access two city centres in mere minutes.


Bright Inside Common Space Lounge

Whether you’re taking a quick break or just looking for a change of scenery to get some work done, the interior lounge provides a bright open space designed to rejuvenate your spirit.

Full Service Restaurant

When hunger strikes, you can enjoy a world-class meal without leaving the property. Enjoy unique, mouth-watering meals in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with top-notch service. It’s all right here at Factory Square.